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As a micro Business committed to lowering our impact on people and planet, we believe in full transparency. If you have a question please ask us.
All our garments are designed and made in our Sunshine Coast studio. We keep limited stock in our showroom, so deadstock and waste is kept to a minimum.

Fabric used in our production labelled as 'organic' is certified. This includes organic thread and elastics used in production. All notions used in our garment production are compost friendly at the end of life cycle.

Hemp is an environmentally positive crop, and does not require pesticides or herbicides when grown. 100% hemp fabric is considered 'organic.'

Fabric we use is grown and produced in the North of China. We are confident workers rights are met with safe working conditions and zero tolerance for child labour.
Fabrics dyed at the factory is dyed with Procion low impact fibre reactive dye. 
Fabrics naturally dyed in our studio are non-toxic and only plant matter has been used in the colouring process.

As a consumer our buying practices determine what we support. There is so much uncertainty in the supply chain with regards to people and planet.

We need to educate ourselves and alter our buying practices to change our relationship with our purchases. Becoming aware will create knowledge and meaning to the buy and will help bring awareness to the impact we create individually.

Positive social change starts with ourselves.